Nytro demo update 1.2.0

Development is currently focused on damage—sources, reactions, and consequences. This update is the start of that path, with a laser gate and companion health symbols. More to come soon.

In addition, after watching some YouTube videos from people checking out the demo, I noticed a common trend of people being unsure if they collected everything in the test scene. So, I prioritized displaying collectible totals when relevant for this version as well.

Changelog for 1.2.0

  • Added small sphere check to the end of companion's bolt vision check, in case a bolt is clipping slightly through another object.
  • Added basic player damage reaction.
  • Bolt total is shown on collecting the first and last bolt. Gear total is always shown on collecting a gear.
  • Added volumetric fog to the level's skirt.
  • Repositioned some terrain to prevent getting stuck.


Nytro demo (Windows x86) 72 MB
Version 1.2.0 Sep 04, 2017
Nytro demo (Linux x86, x64) 117 MB
Version 1.2.0 Sep 04, 2017
Nytro demo (Mac x86, x64) 91 MB
Version 1.2.0 Sep 04, 2017

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